Cutting Edge, Preston

General Garden Care in November

As well as the seemingly endless task of sweeping up leaves, another important autumn job is the storage of garden furniture. If you don’t have room in the shed you can always cover with plastic and prop against a wall to keep weather damage to a minimum.


Cut back neglected or ageing fruit trees, checking for diseases and taking off complete branches if necessary. Check that all posts and stakes are in place to withstand any bad weather.

Trees and Shrubs

This is a good time to move shrubs or trees to a different spot in your garden. Dig up, move and replant as soon as possible adding organic material to the soil and piling on some mulch. If in danger of wind damage, stake firmly.


Plant rhododendrons, azaleas and lily of the valley. Cut back and dig up chrysanthemums, pot up and leave in a cool spot such as a cold greenhouse. Fork borders lightly to keep weeds at bay and add mulch.


If you have a waterfall or fountain running during the summer now is the time to remove various parts including the pump and clean thoroughly. Once dried, this can be packed away for the winter.


Remove leaves from the lawn and mow for the final time this season. You can now clean and oil if you need too sharpen the blades on your mower and store away. If you have a petrol mower make sure you empty the fuel tank and wipe with an oily rag.


Keep house plants at an even temperature and water lightly so that compost is only just moist.