Cutting Edge, Preston

General Garden Care in June

Trees and Shrubs

Take softwood cuttings of your favourite shrubs by cutting a piece of new stem about 15cm in length and removing all buds and leaves except for a few at the end. Space these out in a pot of sandy compost, leave in the shade and water well. In a few weeks the cuttings will have formed roots so you will be able to individual pot them. This is the best month to trim hawthorn hedges, if left any later they will become tough and hard to cut.


Mow lawn and trim edges regularly and give the grass a liquid feed. Avoid cutting grass too short remember about 2.5cm high in dry weather.


This is a good month to sow seeds of winter flowering pansies and violas. By sowing now they will be well established by autumn and ready to flower throughout the winter period. Deadhead camellias and rhododendrons and take cuttings from your pinks. Also remember to water hanging baskets twice a day in hot weather.


If going away on holiday place your pots out of direct sunlight see if they can be checked each day and kept watered to avoid drying out.

Fruit + Vegetables

Shorten sideshoots on trained fruit trees, prune blackcurrant bushes after gathering the fruit it is also advisable to cut away one third of the old growth to encourage new shots for next year. July is the time to plant kale and sprouting broccoli and sow parsley, turnips, lettuces, salad onions and radishes. Onions need a lot of watering or otherwise next years yield will be greatly reduced. Weeds will compete for water so hoeing around your onions will keep weeds at bay.


Ensure pond is kept topped up with fresh water on hot summer days.