Cutting Edge, Preston

General Garden Care in May

Hanging Basket

Now is the time to pant up your hanging baskets with fuchas and perennials these need to be placed in greenhouse to protect from frost.

Plants for pots

Buy young plants for pots and containers as well as for bedding displays. Most need to be potted into 7.5cm pots and grown on in warm bright conditions. To be planted at the end of May

Hardy Annuals

Finish sowing hardy annual flowers outside in May. later sowing will result in later blooms


Sprinkle general fertiliser around clumps of spring flowering bulbs. Ensure permanent shrubs and hedging are given generous feed. Hoe into the soils surface and water in before covering with mulch of garden compost.

General plant care

Some plants may benefit form pinching, removing the tip of a shoot to encourage branching. Weekly liquid feed will benefit your plants. Also now is the time to move potbound plant to bigger pots. Tidy Alpine plants.


Hoe borders once a week to prevent weed seedlings establishing

Seed Sowing

You can continue sowing seeds for summer bedding plants. Thin out ones dine in trays or prick them out into individual pots Frost Protection Keep a sheet of fleece handy to though over if frost is forecast. You can spread newspaper over seedling in greenhouse this will give some protection or bubble wrap. Pest Control Treat immediately with conventional pesticides, or consider using biological control agents, for whitefly, red spider mite.