Cutting Edge, Preston

General Garden Care in December

Essential jobs in December is mainly tidying away the last of the leaves and pruning back wayward trees. Daylight hours are at a minimum and wintry weather has now set in.


Rake up any remaining leaves from your lawn. You can make your own leaf mould simply place all damp leaves in bin liners, tie at the top, pierce and leave in a cool dry place. In a year or so the mould should have broken down into a rich mixture which is perfect for spreading on borders.


Protect your fish by placing a large black plastic flowerpot at the deepest point in the middle of the pond. This gives them somewhere to escape from predators now that the covering of water plants has gone.


Weather permitting, dig or fork over empty ground adding manure or compost. You can use this month to plan next season’s crop rotation and choose which vegetables you want to grow next year.


Firm back any plants lifted from the ground by frost. Plant new herbaceous perennials during mild weather. Dead head flowering winter pansies to encourage healthy blooms throughout winter.


Carry on planting and pruning, cutting back newly planted raspberries, gooseberries, apples and pears. Cover fruit bushes and small trees with a cage to prevent birds picking at the tempting fruit.