Tree Surgery / Tree and Shrub Bed Maintenance

Preston, Lancashire

Cutting Edge prides itself on offering an effective and reliable Tree Surgery service. Our expertise in the field enables us to complete a comprehensive and safe tree surgery operation for the following:

  • Tree felling
  • Stump Removal
  • Large hedge trimming
  • Tree Preservation Order management
  • Crown thinning and reduction

Our professional tree surgeons are qualified to NPTC standards, offering a broad knowledge and ability to maintain and improve tree health, by identify diseases and applying road and traffic management for areas where appropriate. Conforming to health and safety requirements and licenses, our tree service personnel are fully qualified to use surgical tree equipment (including chainsaws, ropes and harnesses), offering and fully comprehensive completion of the task. The regulations and qualifications that are applied enable us to maintain high quality standards in the arboriculture industry.

Maintenance of shrub beds is vital not only to create an area that is aesthetically pleasing, but to keep your shrubs as healthy as possible. Shrub health can be controlled in a number of ways:

  • Weed control- by hand weeding method or a mechanical, all weeds are removed from beds.
  • Herbicides – After weeds are removed all areas are sprayed in order to reduce re-growth.
  • Infill- If unfortunately any shrubs are lost, we can replace to infill gaps in the planting plans to stop weeds over competing shrubs.
  • Bark mulching- When the beds are weeded and sprayed with herbicides the beds are generally covered in bark mulch, this again not only makes beds look great it also prevents weed re-growth.
    We will maintain beds on a cycle that suits the you whether it is ornamental and the beds need high degrees of attention or whether they are fast growing shrub beds that do not need such intense maintenance.

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